A love letter to 8 and a half months

Everyone knows that parenting changes you, but few reveal that it’s a constant, malleable transformation, reflecting the depth of your understanding of your offspring, and the deepening of your love and interest in their life.

When your eyes first connect with your baby, your ears penetrated by their earth-side cry, you meet a beloved mystical stranger. The connection is there, but they are totally new, yet to share their secrets with you, their highs and lows, their needs and wants.

Before motherhood rose to lead my identity, babies were simple, small and soft – mere silent extensions of their parents. The truth is uplifting and so important. So much depth and personality reveals itself early in life, crying out for recognition as an individual, with individual requirements.

Every layer of your baby’s personality is welcomed with open hearts, cherished as you’re gifted further knowledge of the love of your life.


A love letter to Eirik at 8.5 months:

Your smile cannot but lighten my heart

Your laugh, hilarious, my reward for joyously connecting with you

You climb everything, instinctively trusting in your abilities, though I fear for you

I am your safe space, your touch base, your extension

You want to stand, and already do so unaided, a shaky few seconds

You fight sleep, though daddy’s arms and mummy’s milk help conquer your misgivings

Your independence flourishes when you stay close-by

Peek-a-boo and repeatedly falling objects could not be more hilarious to you

You’ll try any food, and demand it if we are eating, flashing a mischievous knowing smile

Water is not a necessity, it’s an obsession

Nappy changes are always an invitation to wriggle

You cherish your freedom and don’t like being tied down

Things with faces make you laugh

You poke your new teeth, and impress with your willingness to take teething powder

You communicate through coughing, and smile because you know I understand

You talk into cups and bash them together

I know your secret tickle spots

You wrap your lips over your gums when you’re deep in thought

Every piece of technology is like gold to a magpie when you’re close

You love to shout and use your voice, and freely show your frustration

You discovered your tongue, and now make silly tongue noises and poke it out

I remember when you first sucked your toes, you still sometimes do

Every 7 minutes is the right opportunity to shuffle-crawl out of the room, at speed

You rub your eyes every single time you’re tired

You help yourself to mummy’s milk, and pop on, and off, and on, and off…

Baths are exciting, but any accidental dunking and you’re outta there!

You sleep in mummy’s arms, and on mummy’s chest, and on mummy’s face

You are the tower destroyer, and the ark dismantler

You’re loud when you’re tired, noisy and animated

You imitate us, you clap, wave, and slap your mouth, going wah-wah-wah

Daddy is your biggest entertainer

Clothing challenges your comfort with naked freedom

You hug, and it melts my heart

You love all animals, and yearn to explore them freely with your tiny hands

You’re the explorer, the entertainer, the inquisitive mind

And I love you deeply and unconditionally.


Rachael ♡