Blogs we Love

b1 Sarah Ockwell-Smith | The first stop for anyone interested in Gentle Parenting: Sarah’s blog and books outline in great detail gentle practices covering topics such as sleep, discipline and attachment-parenting. She also addresses misconceptions about Gentle Parenting and the dangers of mainstream sleep-training

b2 – Sara A fantastic blog equally addressing one family’s unschooling and respectful parenting practices. Sara gives great insight into child development and the importance of freedom, trust and respect for our children

b7 – Rachel | Another respectful parenting blog, strongly advocating against childism and the dehumanisation of children. Also features posts on unschooling, and Montessori practices

b4 – Tracy Cassels | Tracy approaches all aspects of parent-child relationships, pregnancy and birth from a scientific, matricentric feminist standpoint. Her articles challenge mainstream studies as they emerge, and she breaks them down and questions what truths they truly offer. Her insight into the complex science of what she terms ‘evolutionary parenting’ is important for anyone with an interest in  child development

b5 – Meg Nagle | Meg’s blog and book ‘Keep on Boobin’ support mothers through breastfeeding in a relatable, humorous and informative manner. A self-termed ‘lactivist’, Meg is particularly keen to advocate for breastfeeding to natural term, supporting tandem feeding and removing the misinformation in mainstream media about breastfeeding

b6 – Rebecca Eanes | An author of several ‘positive parenting’ books, Rebecca shares her home-grown tips for building a strong happy relationship with your children. Many of her posts aim to encourage or defend parents who try to break away from traditionalist mainstream views, and she also focuses on anxiety and sensory processing issues in children